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MCGC Color Guard Clinic, Sunday November 5 at Milford High School!

There will be resources provided for both instructors and performers at every level. Please fill out this form if you plan to attend!

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Updated 2018 Schedule up now!

Our 2018 schedule has been updated with some minor changes. Please take note of these and use this document for your planning purposes!

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Membership Application now available!

Below is the link for the 2018 MCGC application. Membership is due by December 1st.

2018 Membership Application

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2018 Rulebook posted under "Resources/Links"

Our updated Rulebook is posted under the Resources/Links tab above. Below is a summary of the changes to this year's Rulebook from our Rules Committee. Please make sure you're taking time to read the Rulebook in preparation for our upcoming season, and reach out to a Board Member should you have any questions!

Rule Changes Synopsis:

  • Article VI – General Membership Meetings, section B: Spring membership meeting will be at least 5 weeks after the WGI season is over.
  • Article VIII – Elections, section B: Guard directors will elect guard Board members; percussion and winds directors will elect percussion and winds Board members; everyone will elect President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
    • Rule 3 – Used to be called “Dues,” will now be “Membership”. The membership application will be due with membership dues by December 1.
    • Rule 4 – Classes: WGI is now offering Percussion Scholastic Concert A class. So that now falls under our statement “MCGC shall provide sanctioned contests which offer competition in all classes offered at WGI Championships.” We no longer need to list it as an MCGC class.
    • Rule 4 – Classes: MCGC will now offer a Regional A Winds class.
    • Rule 4 – Classes, section 9.e: The Review Board may request a video of a unit’s performance at a show. If the unit cannot provide a video, and if that unit gets promoted, the unit will not be allowed to protest the promotion.
    • Rule 6 – Field Day: Field Day entry fee or opt-out payment will be due by Dec 1st – at the same time as the Membership Application and Dues.
    • Rule 9 – Championships Contest, section 3: Units are no longer required to attend one of the first two contest weekends. The minimum number of shows is still 3.
    • Rule 9 – Championships Contest, section 3: A unit can send 2 workers to Championships, pay the $300 worker opt-out fee, or send 1 worker and a $150 opt-out fee. If names are not received by March 1st , the opt-out fee is automatically due and the unit may not be allowed to compete until it is paid.
  • SOPs – General 4 – Unit Information: Changes made after March 1st to a unit’s show title, member roster, or staff roster may not be included in the Championships program or the unit’s spiel sheet, and may not be reflected in the number of medals that the unit may be awarded.
  • SOPs – Forms 3 – Scholastic Eligibility Form: This form was not listed in this area. Now it is.
  • SOPs – Contests 8 – Check-In: Access to the show site will not be available to performing units earlier than two (2) hours prior to the start of the contest. Access to unit homerooms or areas may not be available earlier than two (2) hours prior to the unit’s performance time.
  • SOPs – Contests 11 – Video recording: Individuals wanting to video record their own unit must have their camera in-hand.
  • SOPs – Championships 1 – Championships Performance Schedule: Fine tuning done to the randomization process.
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WGI Circuit Partner Symposium Summary

If you're interested in the latest news WGI has shared with local circuit partners at this past weekend's Circuit Partner Symposium, take a look at these notes taken by Secretary Baron Creutz.

As always, contact a Board member should you seek any questions or clarifications!

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